About Me – Melanie Augustin

Colour is my happy place.

I’m a jeweller and visual artist living in the picturesque town of Glass House Mountains on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.  Much of my work is inspired by the vibrant colours I see outside my studio window and around the Sunshine Coast as well as the celebration of colour, festivals and seasons I experienced during the six years I spent living in Japan.

forging silver stump studio hammers

I graduated from Queensland College of Art, Griffith University and began my professional life as a photographer.  As part of my degree though, I was encouraged to explore and create with other mediums which I continues to do to this day.  I furthered my studies outside of the university in silversmithing and very quickly fell in love with manipulating metal.

melanie augustin silversmithing origami crane sterling silver

My current work uses a lot of handformed sterling silver, resin, watercolour and acrylic paints, textiles and ink.  I will quickly admit to having a bit of artistic ADHD but wouldn’t have it any other way.